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How do Lists Work?

How do I start a list?
After logging in, navigate to the main list page or the lists area inside your account and click on "Create New List". If you forget any of these links, you can also find Lists under My Content on the my account page.

How do I add different items to my lists?
Below we describe how to add photos, VODs, forum threads, and model bios. If you don't see these buttons, make sure you are logged into your account; only logged in customers can make lists.

Add a photo to list
Start in the photos section
Click on a photo and look for a blue "Add Photo to List" button.
Select your list and include why you're adding this photo to your list

Add a VOD to list
Navigate to an individual VOD page. On the right hand side next to the model thumbnail, click on the "Add VOD to List" link.
Select a list from the dropdown and add a note about why this VOD belongs in your list. Time stamps are helpful.

Add a forum thread to list
Click on an individual forum thread and an "Add to List" button will be in the upper right above New Topic.
Choose your list and mention relevant details about this conversation.

Add a bio to list
View a models profile and an "Add to List" button will be on the left side above their profile picture
Don't forget to mention why this model makes your list.

How do I manage multiple lists?
Make as many lists as you like. While clicking on the add to list buttons, you'll be able to select a list from the dropdown.

How do I edit, change the order, update or delete my list?
Navigate to your lists page to edit your lists. From there, you can delete by clicking on the red X. To edit, reorder, and update your list, click on the edit icon. You can change the title, description, and screen name. To reorder a list item, drag it up or down. To change anything about this list item, click on the edit icon.

How do I view my list?
Your list will show up on the public lists pages. You can also view your lists inside the My Lists section of your account by clicking on the title of the list.

How do I report abuse?
Once inside an individual list, click report abuse to notify us to review.

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